Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks to Susan over at GardenRant for giving me the phrase I couldn't quite get right: re-design. That is the concept I'm try to get across when a client doesn't want a landscape design and they don't quite know what it is they do want. Now, I can tell 'em, "Hey, sir, what you need is just a little 're-design'. Sure, that loropetalum someone planted across the front of your house is cute now, but do you realize those rascals will want to be eight feet tall and six feet wide someday? Since you want that magical 'low-maintenance' landscape, how bout we use those loropetalum over in the side yard where you want to hide the view of your neighbor's ugly shed, and we'll replace them with a more interesting selection that you won't have to fight with every year? Just a bit of re-design will make years of difference!
Here is my friend Marc's entrance on the day I met him. I thought this was not the best look. What he needed was a little 're-design'.

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