Thursday, December 10, 2009

I love weather. Too many calm, sunshiny days in a row make me pretty grumpy. I like wind and rain, cold, not heat so much, and definitely not tornadoes.
Yesterday was so warm and humid, it felt like walking out into a gymnasium locker room after practice. Yuk. But it started raining a little as soon as our job was finished. We stopped at the local Circle K and had a little pow-wow, deciding that, even though the radar (on my phone!) did not look all that threatening, we would call it a day, work wise. After all, there was a little lightening around, and that is kind of a job killer.
I dropped off Ginny, my helper, and headed out of town to pay off a nursery bill. My husband Brooks headed to the other end of town to collect some money.
I was still a few miles from the nursery when Brooks called and told me he had just heard a tornado warning on the radio. The tornado was in the Lake Jackson area and thought to be running parallel to the interstate, I-10. Well, crap, I said. The nursery was in the direction of Lake Jackson, and I had to go either that way, or back towards the interstate, to get home. What to do?
AS it turns out, I merely 'hid' in the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens, refusing to go in and leave my precious Pearl dog in the storm alone. It got really dark, the pine trees across the road swayed wildly, and the rain came down in sheets, but no funnel cloud. I waited till the warning expired (I thought... I learned later it had been extended) and drove home through the rain and the wind, relieved to see the world looking much as I had left it earlier, only wetter.

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