Sunday, December 18, 2011

Planning Stages

A chilly Sunday today, and a good time to keep my feet warm and think about upcoming work.
One of my most recent clients wants a plan of action for improvements... always a good thing, because I get to put a direction together with a timeline.

There are a lot of camellias down the side of their house. It is winter (almost) so I am all about camellias right now. In the early Spring, I'm all about daffodils. In the Fall, it's the wildflowers that I can't live without.

Funny. You can almost tell the time of year a given property was put into the hands of a landscaper or designer by the predominate blooming plants.

This house is right at the edge of a golf course. The homeowners want their property to have a little more 'pop and sizzle' when viewed from the golf course. (They are golfers... need I say that?)
A previous homeowner planted azaleas, but... yawn.

Homeowners have used existing rock and leftover flagstone to outline several beds for annuals. An okay start, but the beds lack cohesion.

At this time of year, it would be nice to see a little more evergreen, though there is a good sized patch of vinca that doesn't really show up in the photos. (Or from the golf course.)

A pathway to start, more well defined and cohesive beds for annuals, and a showier evergreen groundcover to carry the Winter months, right?

The wheels are churning... stay tuned!

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