Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter. Anyone who thinks there is nothing to do in the garden during the winter, doesn't garden. There is a LOT to do, from whacking back perennials to pulling out vines invading the perimeter to training young trees with a little corrective pruning. Not to mention planting the bulbs we get on sale (couldn't resist those, could we?)
Since I have no yard of my own :( but various clients with nice big yards :) here are some of the things I have done since the beginning of December:

CLEANED UP trash, sticks, more trash, broken furniture, rotten firewood, more trash, scattered nursery pots, and more trash. That was actually the longest day I have spent working this winter season, and by far the most satisfying.

DIGGING BRIARS is something I detest in the warmer weather when I'm not insulated from the thorns with multiple layers of clothing. Frankly, I don't like it all that much in the winter, either, as I spend as much time detangling myself as I do digging and pulling out those roots. But, again, this is a very rewarding job that will make a huge difference next summer.

PRUNING TREES is not always best done in the dormant season, I have learned. But I am doing it anyway. These trees need me. Time to do some hard corrective pruning, and leave the finer details of mid-Spring pruning until next year.

Just enough to get by on.

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