Sunday, February 19, 2012

I have a big project facing me, very little inspiration, and I am running out of time to get it done.

There are 24 or so villas that are rented at the state park where I live/work. I have the job of designing some new landscaping for each one, 'just in case' SC ever comes up with the money to implement the plans.

Nothing fancy, all native, and something with which I have the freedom to put in as much or as little as I see fit.

This is the kind of thing that usually has me walking on air, and absorbed, and unwilling to eat or sleep, cause all I want to do is draw!

The one difference is, this work will be gratis. No pay. None. Twenty four free plans. It is going to test my goodwill, I think.

Better get crackin' though. Spring is coming early this year, and I look forward to being busy, both with landscape design, and work.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calling all Clients:
This year I am creating somewhat of a schedule for work at your house. The purpose of this, mind you, is to alert you of coming invoices that will amount to more than our monthly agreement!
But also to move things forward with planting and other projects.
This will be subject to change, of course; it is merely a framework to keep me organized and to keep you in the loop as to what I'll be doing, and when. Not everything might be perfectly thought out yet. If you have any suggestions or things to change, let me know.
For things I plan to buy for you in March, I'll be adding to the invoice in February. That way I'll have money in hand when it's time to 'go'.
I think this is going to be a good year! If we keep working on improving the soil, and adding plants that make sense to the landscape, I'll feel good about the process.